So in June we had planned a trip to Alaska for a couple of weeks but thanks to American Airlines and a storm, we stayed a couple of days in Dallas, Texas. Even though it was an unplanned trip, we tried making the best up it and took a little trip downtown.

Reunion Tower Geo-Deck

First, I got the CityPASS so we had a few options to visit downtown. We decided to went first to the Geo-Deck which has a 360 view of the City.
You can also get a top side of the Kennedy shooting site, which as weird as it sounds, is what goes around all of the tours in Dallas. It's kind of a big deal there.

There's also a cute restaurant to grab lunch while you are on the tour.

The Sixt Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

This was my favorite. At first I thought it might be a little creepy to visit the shooting site and the Museum. But actually is really interesting and I will highly recommend it!
The tour takes you through all the political, economical and family surrounding of Kennedy before the shooting in Dealey Plaza. It also explains all the conspiracy theories around the assassination of the president.
This is the outside view of the building, Kennedy was shoot from the top right window.

One of the things I liked the most were all the vintage pictures. I'm a fan of Jackie O, so I particularly loved all the family pictures, specially the one from their wedding day.

At the end of the tour you get a chance to visit the Museum store. I choose to get Jackie's biography, because I love her and I never truly knew her bio in detail beside her fashion background. This is a chance to grab a great souvenir!

Dallas Zoo

Finally we decided to take a visit to the Dallas Zoo, which was OK. I think the best area probably is the tropical birds section.
The good thing is you are able to make all three visits in one day so its a good idea to get the CityPASS, you get to save some bucks and visit a few spots.

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