If after my first post about Alaska you are still not sure about visiting, you will be buying tickets right after seeing all of the amazing photos I'm sharing with you in this post.
In the Week 1 post I show you our first half of the road trip starting in Anchorage,  then Kennicott and our quick stop on Copper Center in our way to Seward. Let's continue!


Going to Seward was totally getting into another planet. First it's starts getting extremely cold and you are surrounded by this out of this world mountains, waterfalls and snow.

The first thing I noticed is that it rains a lot! Make sure you pack winter clothes. We went to Seward to take one of the glacier cruises, we choose the one to Columbia Glacier.
I could not start to tell you all the amazing wildlife we had the opportunity to see, just take a look at the following pictures...


Bald Eagle

Sea Lions





Denali is the highest mountain in the USA. There is a whole story about being called Mount Denali or Mount McKinley, but regardless of its name this is a must see National Park in the States.
Since we are Costa Ricans and we were not trilled to walk through the park, we got one of the bus tickets which drives you through the park.
Again... we saw tons of wildlife.

Grizzly Bear


Red Fox

Arctic Squirrel



We stay in the Denali Lakeview Inn and our experience was beyond any resort. First the room is so cozy, you can kayak for free in the lake at any time until 10:00 pm and we were regularly visit by moose in our backyard.
Just take a look at this view, this was at 12:00 am, it never get dark in June because of the solstice.

This was a really special sighting since it was a momma moose teaching her baby how to swim in the lake.

Last but not least, make sure to stop by the restaurant plaza inside the McKinley Chalet Resort.


Kenai was our last spot before coming back home. We drove down from Anchorage for the day and it was truly amazing. It was like the perfect summer day.
So different to Kennicott or Seward, it was the warmest place with this crazy blue lakes and rivers through the whole drive down.
We make a long line to get into the Russian River and catch a sighting of one black beard having lunch at the river.


We also drive to Seward to have lunch and visit the boulevard of the town, which is a beautiful street of vintage stores.

The lake

In a sunny summer afternoon
We arrived to our beautiful lake room 
We were eager to discover soon 
Denali was never in gloom

When the Alpine glow began
There was no moon to meet the sun dance 
Instead there were reflections dancing in the lake 
Of the house, the moose and men

When the lake shined under the twilight glow 
Our dreams were flying over the mountaintop 
When the solstice came in late June
Our wish was to stay forever in the lake room

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