One of my top three visit destinations during my life have been Alaska since I can remember. I had the opportunity of visiting Alaska last June and it's truly as dreamy as you imagine.
The first time I thought of going was in the 2000's when I was a teenager, because I hear someone said they went on a cruise for their honey moon and they saw the aurora borealis. Then the movie Into the Wild re candle that dream. And finally, I decided to go this year when I had a conversation with a coworker from Chicago who told me he went with his family three times. So after that I decided to go, there was no doubt in me... I just needed Frank to join :)
We decided to do a road trip, since the cruise doesn't allow to visit so many of the inland spots. We rented a car and drive hours to get to the most beautiful places.


We landed in Anchorage which is a small city in which we stay only for the a couple of nights, mostly to go through other places around. The first day, driving out of Anchorage from the airport, we had the chance to see our first moose crossing the highway which was pretty exciting since we don't have moose in Costa Rica.
This photo is one of the glacier we catch from the road in our way to Kennicott.

My first recommendation will be stop at Eureka. DO IT! It's a little dinner along the way when you are driving to Kennicott.


When we decided to go to Alaska, Frank was in charge of the tickets and I will cover the hotels. So months ahead I started doing my research and decided we needed to go to the Kennicot Glacier Lodge. It will take you about 6.5 hours to get there from Anchorage, and you will park right next to a river and get on a shuttle bus to the hotel, since you can only cross the river by foot. The shuttle is available every hour.

The lodge is a vintage building of the original Kennecot Mining Company. Quick tip, make sure you book one of the rooms with the private bathroom. You can either visit the mining site or stay at the hotel, which will be my recommendation since its stunning.

One thing I loved is that dinner time is at one time only every day, in which all guests have confirm if will be going and you are sit on different tables each day, meaning you will meet new people every single day of your stay. I loved this!
Also the food was AMAZING! Which makes sense since its basically the only place you could eat in town.

The lodge offers a hiking tour to the glacier, which takes around 3 hours. And the hotel will let you borrow one of the bear sprays for the day! We didn't know we could rent "special shoes" to walk over the glacier until we were already there LOL 
So we didn't have the chance to go over the glacier. 

If you don't feel like doing such a long walk, you could walk around the old buildings close to the hotel and even pay a tour through the old industrial building which for me, was so interesting! It's a little bit scary since it has lots of floors and you will walk from the top down, but it's safe.

 Make sure to stop at The Meatza Wagon! I tried the Meatball Sub and it was delicious.

Copper Center

After Kennicot, we headed to Seward. There is a quick stop on your way there called Copper Center. There is not much to do there, as anywhere else in Alaska you could hike in the trails but I shoot some nice photos.

I will continue our Alaska Adventure in our next post! 

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