She is novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.

Last December I went to Chicago on a work trip for a couple of weeks. I have to say it definitely exceed my expectations. I was afraid of the cold, but it was bearable in December. And the cultural beauty of this city is spectacular.
I honestly would love to come back in the summer, since I was unable to take the Architectural Cruise tour in the river.

Millenium Park

Millenium Park is where the Cloud Gate is located, a.k.a "The Bean". I was so excited to visit this park, that even though my flight was diverted to Indianapolis because of the weather and I ended up getting to Chicago at 2am in the morning (I know), it was the first thing I did in the morning.

I wish the weather had been nicer for cuter pictures, but well. It got better through the days.


The Skydeck is in the tallest building of the Western Hemisphere. And the tour allows you to step on glass boxes at 1,353 feet. FYI staff will only allow you to step in the box for 30 seconds if you are alone or a couple of people, if you are with a group the allow time goes up to 60 seconds... which goes by really quick... so plan your best poses ahead LOL.

The Signature Room

This bar is located in the upscale spot high atop 875 North Michigan Avenue. On the 94 floor there is an observatory, on the 95 is the restaurant and on the 96 the bar.
I will recommend to get there a little bit early, hopefully before the sunset, and ask for a glass of champagne (a glass could be $18). Try to go early, since it will be a line to get in and and I can assure you it will be pretty frustrating not to have a table and watch the sunset from the hallway. It's the most beautiful view of the city, better than the Skydeck.



I asked around and locals don't seem to know where this market is located, so just take a look in their website. Its a small open-air German Christmas market. I really enjoyed the food, the gluhwein and the christmas souvenirs. 
If you get there at night, its really fun and you can order beer in the cottage. 

Field Museum

You know how some people made #ihaveathingwithfloors a trending hashtag, well I have a thing for museums. And this one stood up to my expectations.
If you are planning a trip to Chicago I will definitely, 100% recommend you get the city pass! I did not, and I regret it every single time I visit an attraction. You don't only save some money, but you don't have to make the long lines! And you can select different combinations, according to your interests.
For me this museum was a must because of the Dino exhibitions, which were amazing and the 3D explanation of how they discover Sue was really good. But they also have some other great exhibitions as the ancient Egypt, China, the native population of different regions or the bird exhibition on the first floor. 

This is Sue, when I visited she was on a separate room. So I did not have the opportunity to watch her up close. One thing that was really interesting is that her skull is not real, the real one is kept on a separate glass box... because is too heavy to keep with the rest of the fossil.

And I just loved this magic native princess. Just admire the outfit!

Art Institute of Chicago

I honestly I'm not an art person, at least I don't know art history. So I was worried I would get bored. WRONG. This has been my favorite museum in my whole life. 
First, is enormous. Staff did recommend to try to found the art pieces that will be more interesting for me. They provide a brochure with the must see paintings. 
It was just breathtaking to see this painting in real life, and no only on my school books. 

Personally, this was my favorite painting. 

Within the Art Institute, there is a restaurant called Terzo Piano, which I highly recommend. 

My top 5 must visit places would be:
  • The Signature Room. 
  • The Art Institute of Chicago.
  • The Field Museum.
  • Giordano's: if you want to try out Chicago's deep dish pizza... go to Giordano's! Simple as that!
  • Cooper's Hawk: if you are going by yourself you can just eat at the bar, if you want a table make sure to make a reservation. 

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