Woman Crush Wednesday its a thing and I thought of creating a post with my top 5 inspirational women bloggers. Here it goes,

Photo courtesy of Maria Jung.

Earth Yandy 

I'm a strong believer that healthy food doesn't have to be boring. Extremely opposite! Quoting Yandy,
"This is about healing, replenishing, revitalizing, and restoring our bodies from the inside out".

Photo courtesy of Earth Yandy.

All her pictures are mouth watering. Plus, her beautiful family makes it even more gorgeous.

Photo courtesy of Earth Yandy.

Shut the Kale Up

This blog is the perfect match for fitness and foodie inspiration. I'm completely obsessed with her Instagram stories, every single day she posts the yummiest recipes. 

Photo courtesy of Shut the Kale Up via Instagram.

Pinch of Yum

She is THE GIRL you are looking for when you are on desperate need of a smart twist to a traditional recipe! Literally you can find anything on her blog. She is one of the reason why I decided to enroll on cooking lessons and start a food blog.

Photo courtesy of Pinch of Yum.

Alma que habla

I love watching her motivational posts. She really makes you stop and appreciate all your daily blessings. She is a health coach who honors a holistic approach.

Photo courtesy of Alma que habla via Instagram.

Bake and Tone

Another perfect balance between a healthy lifestyle and delicious food posts. In her own words,
"I don't like when people believe that healthy eating is boring or tasteless. This is far from the truth! Nature provides us with all the natural ingredients to make things sweet, spicy, salty 👉🏻 TASTY". 

Photo courtesy of Bake and Tone via Instagram.

So go follow them and keep spreading the love 💛

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