Aguas Claras is a beautiful boutique hotel located in Playa Chiquita, Limon. The concept of the hotel is a luxury Caribbean style village.
My mother in law is the owner and creative mind behind this amazing project. It has been a privilege to see her project come to live. From taking a peek of the construction plans to watching her carefully selecting the colors of each tile for the floors or the mosaics for the bathrooms; its just incredible to see her creative magic in this hotel as the peak of her artistic career.
This are some of my personal photos from this paradisiac location,

One of my favorite things about the cottages is how private they are! The garden surrounding each of the cottages have been carefully designed by Toño to make the Caribbean experienced a relaxing destination.

Every time I visit, I love waking up to the jungle sounds. It' s a magical combination of tropical birds and monkeys.

We are incredible proud of you Eli,

Love Ra and Franco

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